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Participating in and further developing companies with potential


The FIELDS operational taskforce and investment experts work closely together in the different investment phases:

1.  Fast investment decision

  • Attracting new investment propositions from our broad network
  • Fast decision to invest based on our transparent criteria
  • Making operational improvement plan together with management
  • Offering complete solution to seller: deal security, fair price, closing within 4-8 weeks no exception

2.  Operational development

  • Improving cash flow/ working capital through better payment schemes with creditors, active debtor and stock management
  • Investing in sales teams and supporting with product and segment choices
  • Improving margins through reduction of procurement costs and better price realization
  • Stop unnecessary expenses and cut costs
  • Strengthening organization
  • Improving control through reporting and IT systems

3.  Strategic growth

  • Developing strategic plan together with management
  • Developing chosen market segments, regions and channels
  • Doing additional acquisitions (buy-and-build)